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Wagon Road Test – Radio Flyer All Terrain Cargo Beach Wagon #29

Nothing beats a good test drive.  Getting behind the wheel of that new toy wagon really makes a difference in deciding which wagon to buy.  Today, we’ll dive deep on one of the most popular and all around best buys – The Radio Flyer Cargo Wagon #29  

This wagon has been a part of our family for over 8 years now, having been deployed on numerous beach outings, sporting events, girl scout cookie sales, and the occasional gardening project around the homestead.  An all around workhorse, we love the fact that it can do everything.  Some of the things we like about the Radio Flyer Wood Bed Cargo Wagon:

  • Removable side rails make it easier to get in the minivan and allow you to haul big items
  • Handle folds back under the wood bed for easy storage
  • Large wood bed means there’s plenty of room for kids and cargo
  • Air tires make the ride a bit softer for the kids and also helps off road

Some things we feel can be improved:

  • Side rails are a bit flimsy and one of the slats broke years ago
  • Steering is still a bit jinky – it’s the typical wagon steering mechanism where both wheels turn on a pivot point (not like your car).
  • Wood bed is a bit too lightweight for heavy loads – we didn’t test the 150 pound limit
  • Air tires should be increased in size so it’s easier to haul over the beach sand

Overall, we really have enjoyed the Radio Flyer Cargo Wagon because it can do everything you need.  It’s not as light as a plastic wagon, not as durable as a metal bed wagon but it’s the pick-up truck of the wagon world that can be at the state fair one day, and hauling sacks of mulch in the garden the next – hose it off and you’re ready to make a lemonade stand out of it next weekend.

Happy Trails!

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